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Ayusaya Puppet Theatre is a professional company specializing in all kinds of puppets for theater use.
It is based in Athens, Greece, but our performances and other activities are traveling all around the world.

Please contact: Stathis Markopoulos, aysuayapup@gmail.com

World Puppetry Day Message 2010 – 20 years of UNIMA-Hellas

Puppetry, the major art that fights against death and offers to humanity the vital experience of self-sarcasm and self-parody in its most tangible form, playing merrily with all the great mysteries and unites us in a Materially-Poetic ritual, also offers unique qualities of relations before, during and after the show.

Culture does not mean artistic events, but daily practice, behavior and relationship with reality and the others.
The tools of the trade both saws and puppets, teach us responsibility and generosity: Otherworldly and yet so human, they embody the absolute sincerity. They do not pretend. They expose to us their one and only short life and get sacrificed for us.

The puppets by their nature and the puppeteers by their conscience, instinct or Eros, propose a culture of passion of the soul, of continuous research, experimentation and quest of new media, a culture of surpassing all limits and of an optimistic view that everything is possible and open to evolution. A culture of the concern for the small, the transformation of nothing to a magic everything.

After twenty years of dynamic presence, collective action and contribution to our art, at a time when collectivity only in words is a value, but in practice gets sidelined forth the individuality of self, we understand how difficult it is to cultivate in our own selves the culture that puppets demand and propose.

Puppets can lead us to dream but they must lead us also to awakening: the show ends and people still need care.

Stathis Markopoulos, puppeteer

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