Trick Marionettes Summer Workshop-Camping in MILOS

Trick Marionettes Summer Workshop-Camping in MILOS Island, Greece
July 31st – August 9th 2019

Workshop instructor: Stathis Markopoulos, Ayusaya Puppet Theatre
Coordinator: Irina Boiko
Duration: 8 days (approx. 50 hours)
Period: July 31st – August 9th 2019
Application Deadline: June 30th
Capacity: 7-12 people

A summer workshop on trick marionette  design, construction and animation, with emphasis on puppets-musicians, will be taking place in a camping site in Parasporos, Milos, right in its iconic Cycladic landscapes, a mere 20 minute walk away from the beautiful Sarakinikos sea. 

This workshop is Ideal for puppeteers, but also perfect for anyone interested in creating functional marionette-musicians for street shows or performances at schools and/or other events. Although prior knowledge and experience in using various tools and materials is not a prerequisite, it would come in very handy. English speaking and understanding is required.


Trick Marionettes:
All marionettes are, in a sense, a trick. This specific category, however, has its own tradition in puppetry and, while trick marionettes have been used in classic shows, they are a distinct class. They have always been regarded as magical, for the audience cannot comprehend how they function. Great inventiveness and special knowledge are required both to create them and to perform. Insane circus stunts, masterful musicians, wild transformations, bodies torn apart and reassembled, moving facial features and precise handling of objects are just a few examples of what they can do. They were popularized in the West during the 17th and 18th centuries and today multiple artists specialize in trick marionette performances. They’re often opted for in street shows, due to their relatively short, yet highly impressive acts.
The workshop’s main goal is to create fully functional puppets, but also to cultivate a broader interest in and a better understanding of puppets and puppet theatre through various activities (e.g. presentations.) and the regular, everyday interactions of participants.
The choice of what puppet to create and what instrument to give it lies completely with the participants. It could be anything from a historical figure like Louis Armstrong to an imaginary creature playing a made-up instrument.
After positions are filled (1/7/2019) and until the workshop starts (30/7/2019) prospective participants will be in contact with the instructor, so as to allow their ideas to mature and can come to full fruition.

Workshop objectives:
-   manipulation of objects using strings
- Puppet drama and audience manipulation
- Puppet anatomy and kinesiology, design and construction
- Mechanics and mechanisms, joints, linkages and motion transmission- Machine and tool invention
- Working with wood, metal and other materials
- Wood, foam  and pulp sculpting
  - Control apparatus, strings and rods
  - Puppet animation
    - Visual aid and notes- Relevant Movies

*Note that all techniques can be applied to all sorts of puppets, not just trick marionettes

Workshop Schedule
       31/7: Arrival, settling down
       1-8/8: Workshop and activities
       8/8: Performance/Presentation in Milos
       9/8: End of workshop, departure

Daily Schedule
       09:00-10:00: Breakfast
       10:00-13:45: Morning session
       14:00-15:00: Lunch
       15:00-17:30: Free time
       17:30-20:30: Afternoon session
       21:00-22:00: Dinner
       22:00-00:00: Movies and other activities
*The schedule can be modified depending on the participants’ needs

Cost: 400€ (330€ for UNIMA members)
Cost includes tent in camping site (see photos below), 3 meals per day and covers the materials/tools used. There is also the option to stay in a room (with a roommate) for an additional 50€ (call for info.).

Fill in the registration form by June 30. Participants will be chosen and informed by the 2nd of July. Advance payment of 200€ is required to complete registration.

*For additional information regarding the workshop contact Stathis Markopoulos at 00306977150305 or at
*For additional information regarding the registration process, time and place, accommodation etc. contact Irina Boiko at tel. 00306973631659 or at

PHOTOS of the Camp place (MILOS island, Sarakiniko

Stathis Markopoulos, puppeteer

Ayusaya! Puppet Theatre

Palamidiou 41, 10441 Athens, Greece 
 tel: 0030-215-5253778, 0030-6977150305,

é1991-93: Studies at the State Academy of Puppetry and Alternative Theatre of Prague (ALD-DAMU).
é1992-93: Aprenticeship at the workshop and street performances of the Spanish puppet company “Marionetas del Matadero”, in Prague
* 1994: Object Animation, Bonyo Loungov (Sophia State Academy of Puppet Theatre, Bulgaria)
* 1995: “Apocalypse”, (workshop and performance during International Puppet Festival of Hydra), Michael Meschke (Marionneteatern, Stockholm, Sweeden)
* 1995: Theatre of synthesis and animation, Mikhaill Khussid (INTERSTUDIO, State Academy of Puppet Theatre of St. Petersburg, Russia)
* 1997-98: Workshops with English puppeteers (Faulty Optic, Improbable Theatre), at the Puppet Centre (BAC, London)

Professional Experience
é Since 1992, works professionally the art of puppet theatre in Greece and abroad, in productions of  “Ayusaya! Puppet Theatre” as well as in collaboration with other theatre and puppet companies in more than 30 productions, designing, making, directing and performing with all kinds of puppets.
é Has participated in many International Festivals, congresses and training programs on various aspects of puppetry, in collaboration with independent and state organizations
é In the workshop of Ayusaya! Puppet Theatre, he runs an annual adult training course on marionettes, automata and animation from which have emerged many of today’s young professionals.
é Has translated and published many texts of puppeteers, researchers and historians in Greek language. Chief editor of the puppet magazine NIMA (publication of UNIMA GR)
é 2001-2014 President of the Greek Centre of the International Union of Puppetry (UNIMA).